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Civil Rights Attorney in Chicago

Jeffrey Neslund started his career as a trial attorney with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office in 1993. As an assistant state’s attorney, Mr. Neslund tried hundreds of cases from misdemeanor offenses to First Degree Murder. As a member of the Gang Crimes Unit in the Special Prosecutions Bureau, Mr. Neslund tried exclusively First Degree Murder cases involving the various street gangs in Chicago.

Mr. Neslund’s extensive experience as a prosecutor places him in a unique position among criminal defense attorneys as he regularly defends clients in criminal court who go on to pursue civil rights claims. In defending clients in criminal cases, Mr. Neslund can obtain critical forensic evidence, body and dash cam videos and other evidence to establish civil rights violations that may have occurred during the arrest, incarceration or criminal prosecution of his clients.

For example, Mr. Neslund successfully defended a man charged with attempt murder during a shooting at a White Castle restaurant. During the trial, Mr. Neslund discovered detectives fabricated witness statements against his client. After the criminal case was dismissed, a civil rights lawsuit was filed against the detectives in Federal Court that resulted in a $1.1 million dollar recovery.

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